Triangulated E​.​P

by Catholic Dance Academy

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Debut EP by Catholic Dance Academy, an experimental art-rock duo from Coventry, England.


released August 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Catholic Dance Academy Coventry, UK

Catholic Dance Academy are an experimental, art rock duo from Coventry, England.

Formed in 2015. They fuse indie,rock,electronica and the avant garde into a melting pot of all that is possible.

Catholic Dance Academy are:
Jon.E. Hardy - most things musical.
Melina Cook - most things not.
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Track Name: Powerless
The fire is gone
Your smile fades away
A heavy sigh
Your only sound
A yearning to cry
Tears don't come
They won't come
However hard you try
You're an empty shell

A clenched heart
Like an over-tightened knot
Weighs deep inside
Hard , unyielding
A stone you cannot hide
Yearns for release
From the desolation
Hurting, crushing pain
You're an empty shell

I want to protect you
But I feel powerless
Useless, as I watch you
I feel powerless
Marooned in, the ocean of, your despair
Grasping for, the tiniest, thread of hope...
But, it’s not there.

I watch you
Slowly disintegrate
Your fragile heart
Shreds into a
Million tiny shards
Searching for
An answer in each
Fragment as they fall.
You're an empty shell
Track Name: Chaos Inside Your Head
You always run away, when the chips are down
Try to find your peace, in another town
And when you return, nothing's changed at all
Keep beating your head, against the same brick wall

So stop blaming me, if you can't make the change
We're all just acting normal, it's you who's acting strange
Life could be easy, if you'd only let it be
Stop lying to yourself, your family and me

And there is chaos
Inside your head
Sometimes you wish
That you were dead
Can't seem to make
Sense of it
Can't you see
Your personality is split!

Can't cope with the pressure, the secrets and lies
Hurting those around you, breaking family ties
The people that care, are pushed to one side
Cos heaven forbid, that they should hurt your pride

All I ever wanted, was to make you whole
But when all is said and done, you've lost your control
You've fucked up my life, and of those close to you
Because all what you say, is never, ever true!

Chorus x 2

I put my trust in you when my chips were down
But all I found was lies in that other town
When I returned I had to face all the rage
The story of my life turned another page

Now I am the chaos that is in your head
When the truth comes out is the day that you dread
I am not prepared to give up on this fight
I have the power but the time isn't right

I am that chaos
Inside your head
Sometimes I wish
That you were dead
Can't seem to make
Sense of it
You'll never see
Your personality is shit!
Track Name: Bacon Situations
Kill the pig!!

Pig! Kill!